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Careerngr is a world-class Scholarship website that helps both local and international students with relevant and quality information on how to apply and win scholarships to study overseas for free.

We assist students across the globe to get their dream Scholarships within a conducive environment, get Internships that suit their career and also help them to study in top schools around the world as we are in over 138+ countries in the world.

Aside from providing quality information about scholarships, we also have Categories on our Home page, where we publish articles that benefit our readers.

For your Educational and Student Tips, Careerngr is your most favorite website. Keep reading to know more about us, our goal, vision, and the team.

01. Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the best Scholarship forum that appears on Search Engine Online. The exciting news about education that flowed down from the Asian Continent to the Sahara Region of Africa, that students still have the privilege to get the quality education they aspire to get through the various Scholarships sponsored by Institutions, Corporate Organizations, Governments of a federation, and perhaps, individuals who are financially capable to provide sponsorships.

But, how to reach out to students with this great opportunity is a challenge.

After seeing the major challenges faced by students, we explore the use of the Internet to create an online system that serves as an online information center, which also serves as a link between the Scholarship Applicants and the Sponsor.

However, for applicants who are interested and eligible to apply, our system has the mechanism and algorithm to dispense all information pertaining to the Scholarship of their choice.

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03. Brief History

Careerngr started July 17th, 2017, and was officially launched online in 2020. It is currently run by a team of developers and lovers of foreign education. Careerngr is owned by Mr. Elijah John. Initially, we have built a reputation for a high standard of expert services offline, as the team has built the site from a local Scholarship Hub to a world-class Scholarship Site in 2020.

We currently have millions of fans from over 123+ countries, since the official hosting of Careerngr on the web.

Over the years, we have received outstanding testimonies from students in more than 100+ countries, expressing their gratitude to the team, for providing them with all the relevant tips containing the needed requirements, and also proffering possible solutions to seasonal FAQs on how to apply and win Scholarships in different institutions across the globe.

Careerngr is a world-class solution center to World Education.

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