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Scholarship Application Timeline

The British Chevening Scholarship 2021 is a Master’s program that is based in the UK. Continue reading this article to know when and how to apply.

Chevening Applicants are to note that it takes at least 8 months for Chevening to select scholars who are qualified for the scholarship award.

In this article, you will get an overview of all you need to know and the next step to take about the Chevening application and selection process.

Application Opens: At 12:00 BST and below are the application guidelines of the British Chevening Scholarship.

Application Guidance; Chevening scholars are to prepare in other to boost their chances of winning the Chevening Scholarship award in the UK.

Importance of Preparation:

  • Early preparation helps you avoid common mistakes.
  • It gives you a guide on the right course to study.
  • Another importance is that it makes you select the right reference.

Common Errors to Avoid When Applying for Chevening Scholarship

Applying for Chevening Scholarship requires a lot of accuracies when filling the form online. These errors were part of the factors that disqualified some applicants in the past.

Check below to see some of the examples of errors made by previous Chevening applicants in their application form.


Any candidate who failed to answer all questions correctly may result in a complete failure of the pre-screen stage and such candidate will not have access to the application form.

Application form

Sections where Applicants made Errors in the Form:

Personal Details

Don’t indicate dual citizenship from the United Kingdom. Applicants with such information will not get the scholarship award.

Work Experience

Students employment history should be minimum of 2,800 hours. Not having the minimum work hours may lead to disqualification. An online detector will bring out the work history for each student.

British Chevening Scholarship online software basically sums the number of hours worked per week/the number of weeks worked.

This is because the UK working week ranges from 35-60 hours, while a working year is 40-50 weeks.

See the Common Errors Committed by Applicants on Work Experience:

  • Work hours not up to the minimum requirements before application submission.
  • Not inputting the legit number of weeks worked in each year’s employment.
  • Imputing an unrealistic figure of weeks or hours worked.
  • Repetition of work experience several times.

UK University

Applicants are to select three separate courses for the same university. Else, such scholarship applications will be disqualified.


Chevening’s method of considering an application form entails applicants answering a number of statements correctly in other to gain further acceptance.


Any application that has plagiarism will be disqualified. Applicants who decide to use quotations must make reference to the source.

Use Of English Language

Candidates must make use of the English language to apply and fill their application form. If otherwise, such an application will be disqualified.

Applications Closes At: 12:00 GMT
All Chevening Scholarship Applicant should note that applications close 2 November 2021 at 12:GMT ( i.e midday UK time)

British Chevening Scholarship Eligibility/Criteria

You must meet these Chevening criteria to be eligible for the scholarship award:

Chevening Scholarships
  • Two (2) years of work experience is the minimum requirement.
  • Scholars who are none citizens must leave the British nation for their country for two (2) years after their program has ended.
  • British Chevening Scholarship applicants must ensure they have completed their undergraduate degree to enable them to gain a UK postgraduate programme upon their application submission.
  • Applicants should have a 2:1 result which is an upper second-class honour degree in the UK. However, a 2:1 result may not apply to all courses in Chevening University as some courses may require either less or higher results depending on the course an applicant is applying for.

Shortlisted Applicants for Interview

Generally, anyone shortlisted for an Interview actually implies that person is very close to his/her goal.

The embassy will review the submitted applications and select the qualified candidates for the interview.

After which, the embassy will start sending notifications to invite applicants for interviews. If you get the invite, the next thing is to start preparing for your interview.

Interviews usually take place in the country or city where there is a representative from British at the embassy or commission.

Before the interview, the invitation comes with certain instructions about uploading the required documents online.

The following are the listed documents applicants are to upload.

  • Two reference letters
  • A brief biography that tells little of your personality
  • Educational documents such as; your transcripts & certificates

Preparing for Interview

British Chevening Scholarship candidates are to come for the interview with the following document.

  • Passport
  • National ID

The embassy may require further documentation from other countries if the need arises. But if there is any update, the embassy will e-mail the applicants involved.

Therefore, the British Chevening Scholarship advises scholars to always check their emails before the interview date.

British Chevening Interview

The embassy will ask scholars to submit personal educational documents and two (2) references before the scheduled date for the interview.

These questions are basically to enable applicants to explain their personalities and professional aspirations, alongside how Chevening can help them achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the panel will discuss your course choices, including an update on your application.

British Chevening Scholarship Referee Selection

Please ensure to choose your referees wisely. Choose people that can stand in for you and give positive testimonies about your personality and performance even while you were in college.

It will be ideal if you choose referees from your previous institution (lecturer or academic adviser). They shouldn’t be mere friends or family relatives.

Kindly visit the school official website to apply>>

Offer Deadline for British Chevening Scholarship

The final date for all applications is closing by 17:00 BST (United Kingdom) on 14 July 2022.

Studies And Other Academic Activities Starts in the UK.

The UK Chevening Scholarship 2022/2023 commences their academic activities in the UK, attached with an international Network benefit that will last for a lifetime.

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