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Clarendon Fund Scholarships

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Brief Description of British Clarendon Fund

British Scholarship: Before we dive into the scholarship proper, let’s see a brief description of the Clarendon fund. This Scholarship scheme is specifically under Oxford University. The British Clarendon fund scholarship is meant for candidates with good academic performance.

It may interest you to know that Clarendon Fund gives out scholarships to applicants from different countries across the globe. The platform gives over 140 scholarships on a yearly basis to candidates who are qualified academics.

Clarendon fund scholarship is a degree bearing-courses and only university graduates are eligible for the Scholarship program.

The Scholarship scheme is flexible for categories of students who may be interested to run part-time or full-time Masters and DPhil courses.

Note; the Scholarship does not accommodate Diploma courses or a Postgraduate certificate.

British Scholarship: Inclusion and Values of Cleradon Fund Scholarship for 2020-2021 Period

Clarendon Fund Covers the following;

  • A living cost of £15,009 annual grant is given to scholars who are running a full-time course for the period of 2020-21
  • The fund covers grant for non-fee costs, which will be given to students running a part-time program in 2020-21.
  • £2,502 will be given to Dphil students running a part-time program.
  • £5,003, will be given to Masters students running a part-time program.

The British Clarendon fund scholarship applicants should be informed that the award is offered on the basis that applicants are responsible to pay a tuition fee that is equivalent to the duration of their course in the institution.

Eligibility for Clarendon Fund Scholarship

Clarendon Scholarships award is based on academic merit. The award is given to intellectual students who are graduates from different countries.

Hence; the scholarship is for candidates who are applying for Dphil or Master’s program. Also, note that the scholarship is well-founded on various courses or subjects.

How to Apply for Clarendon Fund Scholarships

Applicants do not have to tender or submit any further applications if they have already applied for Dphil or Masters program at Oxford University by the January deadline.

In other words, their applications will not be automatically enrolled for due consideration.

This is because there is no need for further submission of additional documents for Clarendon Scholarships, as there is no specific form for further application.

However, applicants are to apply for the program before the deadline if they want their application to be considered for the award.

Application deadline is within (7-21 January 2022).
Visit the school official website for more information on how to apply for the scholarship award: Apply Now

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