Confused About Your Career Path? Education or Skill Acquisition?

Indeed, schooling those days was one of the primary key to success as the case may be.

Nowadays, it’s not just schooling alone, it requires smartness, knowledge and of course handwork.

Don’t get me wrong education is very important because it helps to sharpen your brain, makes you responsible and helps you talk amongst people.

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But what happens when you can’t find a decent Job after spending all those money in education? I can’t call it waste because it must impact you with knowledge on the long run.

In this article, I will try to keep it simple, not to make you get confuse of your career path. So keep reading this article!

If you look confused on the career path to follow, consider these tips am about giving you helpful.

How to Start a Career Base on What You Enjoy

Have it in mind that if you are going to choose career (handwork) over education, please make sure it something you like best.

Some will choose career over education and will later not learn from it and there whole day passes by. Remember, we can’t turn back the hands of time. So we have to make our decision clear to ourselves.

1. Consider Your Hobby

In this aspect, there is this thing you enjoyed doing for free to others. What is that thing you like doing for free to people even if you don’t turn your hobby into a career.

Try to locate the main reason you love doing that thing and understand why you like to spend your time on it.

2. Make a List of Your Hobbies

As the case maybe, there are many things we do during our free time. Think about the things you do at your free time including fun activities.

The importance of outlining your scheme of work can not be over emphasized as it is a major step towards a better achievement because it actually shows how dedicated and organised you are.

3. Write About Why You Enjoy Doing Them

Knowing the most relevant one is very helpful. Try to write a short note about why you enjoy doing your favorite.

For instance do you cook because you so much love eating food?

4. Reorder Your Priorities

This is a very critical choice in life that you will ever live to cherish or regret.

In economics, we call this scale of preference, that is, after making a table to compare your needs, you first go for the one that is highly needed.

For you to get this right, you need to have good self-esteem and believe in yourself because people will always want to find fault or criticize your decision while you are making effort to succeed.

Therefore, reordering your needs and setting your priorities right will set you on the right path to becoming successful in your career path.

5. Apply for a Career Resource Center

This is where we made mention about education. There are many career resource centers out there that can build your passion.

Career resource center shows you the skills needed in that field, and the training education that will prepare you.

6. Have a Mentor or Work With Career Counselor

This part of career mentor helps because if you choose career over education, then you have to follow a career mentor to guide your path against the thing you love the most.

These set of people often help you brush up your skills, improve your ability, boost your confidence and most importantly give you courage to do more.

From the above statement so far, I can tell we have help you find where you likely want to follow so as not to get confuse about your career path.

Start your search for better career with lots of focus on your interest and values. Learning your passion and building yourself will be a great benefit to you.

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