How to Request a Day Off from Work | Effective Ways to Ask for Time Off from Work

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How to request a day off from work can be challenging at times. But we are all humans; we sometimes get exhausted from doing the same job regularly.

If you are finding it difficult to ask or request a day off from work and you don’t know how to go about it, continue reading this article because this article will guide you on how to request a day off from work.

Best Time to Request for a day off from Work

Furthermore, to cut the whole story short, there is no best time to request a day off from work, because accidents do occur when we less expected. This accident could be an illness, receiving an urgent call or a death threaten call.

But moreover, even when you are entitling for a vocational leave, it can be difficult to request for a day off from work. These strategies below can help make it more likely that your manager or employer will grant your request for a day off from work.

Steps to request for a day off from work:

1. Know your company vacation policy

Every company has its vacation policy guide. Though not every company can operate on the same level. Some Manager has there system of vacation which is based on work time. And other managers provide a system of vacation which is most time based on a certain number of weeks.

So you need to make thorough research of your company vacation policy before thinking of when and how to get approval from your manager.

2. Provide context for your request

However, if you must request a day off from work, it should be professional and try to provide context for your request. For instance, your company vacation is fast approaching and your sister is getting married.

Moreover the wedding date is schedule to occur between your company vacation period and your sister wedding day.

The best thing to do is tidy up your work to avoid conflicts, then give a reason(s) for work time off and explain to your manager that everything is under control to avoid any conflicts from work.

3. Inform your manager ahead of time

Before thinking of requesting a day off from work, it is very important to make your scheduled time in advance whenever possible. This will not only remind him but have stuck in his memory.

Note it is very advisable to inform your manager 2-week before the scheduled day.

4. Request time off in writing

Some employees make the mistake of requesting a day off verbally. Doing so will only make you less professional and immature before your manager, so you must make your request in writing form to make it more professional.

This helps to keep a record of your leave to prevent damages and loss when you are away from work.

5. Share your work

As this is important, you may receive an urgent call to which your manager has already grant your permission but you are yet to complete your work. It is advisable to share your work with your coworker, that is with whom you discuss or collaborate.


From the above scenario so far, many employees find it hard to convince their manager of time off.

Studies have shown that requesting time off from work boost productivity and increases creativity, as well as improving physical and mental health in the human system. So don’t be afraid to request a day off from work.

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