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There are many reason(s) to apply for scholarship to study abroad. This could be change of geopolitical zone, or you want to experience a different culture. All these are reasons to apply for scholarship to study abroad.

Having a scholarship to study abroad could be a dream comes true. But, the situation here is simple. What are the possible steps to follow? How can I start my application? What are the requirements? How much is the tuition fee?

In this article, we will be sharing with you all you need to know about how to apply for scholarship to study abroad.

However, scholarship has provided the one time financial support that any student need to advance his or studies.

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What is a Scholarship?

We could say scholarship is an amount of money given to students with great ability but no or little finance to complete his or her education. And this scholarship could be a school, college, university or other organization.

The Differences Between Scholarship and Grants

The difference between scholarship and grants is very simple. Scholarship is way of supporting students with incredible ability till they graduate without paying back. While grants on the other hand, are needed based on young people or youth who are finding it difficult to afford the cost of their education.

Without further explanation, read on how to apply for scholarship to study abroad:

1. Ask For Help

The first thing that is required of you is to ask for help, we all are human and we needing help in one way or the other. Don’t feel ashamed to reach out to people around you for help. 

However, you can contact your university friend abroad if you have one. Or your academic advisor to ask them about abroad scholarship.

2. Research

Researcher has already proven that many people make their research on a daily bases. So I see no reason why you can’t join them to make your own research.

Do you research, in this way; the more scholarship you can apply the more financial help you will get.

3. Start Your Applications

Once you have found the University of your Choice, the next step is to start your application online. That is; completing some online application form. Note; ensure to follow the application format given to you from the school website.

4. Requirement for Scholarship Abroad

The requirements for scholarship to study abroad is the most important step. It is advisable to plan ahead. This requirements include:

  • Application letter
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Your test score

5. Tuition Fees

The tuition fees varies for all university, since it will be a scholarship, I believe you shouldn’t worry about that. Moreover you can decide to celebrate after gaining the scholarship but don’t spend your tuition fee money.

6. How Long Do Study Abroad Take

This alone depend on how serious and determine you are through your achievement. Furthermore, the duration depends on the program and the level of your degree you are responsible to study.  


To apply for scholarship abroad and to be given admission is a joyful thing to experience. From the above statement so far, I believe you can now make your research to study at the University of your Choice.

Don’t let fear hold back, ask questions whenever you feel lost. They said; people who ask never get lost in a journey. So start your journey and make it count.

Hope this article really do make sense!

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