How to Write A Complaint Letter | Important Tips

Writing a letter of complaint can be very simple as well as difficult as the case maybe.

Most people tend to omit the relevant key word when writing a complaint letter and this will make their letter of complaint useless before the recipients.

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In this article, you will learn the perfect ways to construct or write a complain letter. So keep reading!

Letter of complaint should be brief and straightforward because most complaint letter is address to school management, offices, business organization etc.

Letter of complaint usually include the following stages:

  • Background
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Warning
  • Closing
  • Background

This section or paragraph describe the situation of your complaint whenever you are a letter of complain

For example, “I am writing to inform you on the poor performance of your bank especially in the handling of my account.”


The problem section or next paragraph should describe the causes. For instance, each time I pay money by cheque into my account, it is never credited into the account until one (1) month later.


In this aspect of solution or this section, you have provided possible opinion to the problem which you have listed in the sentence. I believe corrections are to be made by the reason of this letter.


At this point, you should make your complaint know to the management, for instance; if proper care is not taking, I am thinking of closing the account.


This can be as conclusion with a warn regards, that is to say; it should be like this. I look forward to receiving your explanations on these matters.

Sample 1

45 Princes Street,
United Kingdom,
20th July, 2021.
The sales manager,
Nico Bottling Industry Ltd,

Dear Sir,
I regret to complain of the delays in the transit of goods dispatched to this company during the last six months.
Since six months now our salesmen do not ensure prompt delivery of goods bought in your company and as a result our customers have reasons to complain.

This is not our cause for dissatisfactions. We received many complain from our customers about your salesmen who sell directly to the customer and other big shops with increase in the amount sold by the company.

This is to say that the salesmen rarely sell to the company’s distributors but would rather sell directly to the retailers and consumers at exorbitant price not stipulated by the company.

We must, therefore, impress on you the necessity of giving better attention to your customers. Unless immediate improved services are given to us, I shall be compelled to write to the managing Director.

Yours faithfully,
(now you can write your name)

Sample 2

The manger,
Linkway Network,
July, 2019.
Street 79 Hindhead Road,

Dear James,
I attended “Cold-Calling for the Non-Salesperson” last night and thoroughly enjoyed session. However, I did want to bring to something to your attention.

The session’s description (copy attached) listed John Peter, a well-known guru and the reason I registered for the session as the seminar presenter.

In reality, John peter gave a half hour presentation and tuned and the program over to his colleague, Michael Amos.

Michael Amos was terrific. I was engaged, I took copious notes.
I walked away satisfied with the content. But I felt I was misled by the description in your catalogue.

I’m taking Carol Connor’s “Cultter-free Basement” session on October 1st, and since she’s also a guru, I’m John and I don’t want the possibility of having the same experience I did last night.

Again, “Cold-Caling” was a great session and I understand that it is difficult to monitor every course, so I want to let you know about my experience.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name should be here)

I hope this article really make sense, thanks for your time!

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