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How to Apply For Npower GEEP Loan Application 2022

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Npower GEEP Loan Application – It is so surprising that the federal government has promised a loan of N300,000 to Npower beneficiaries through the GEEP initiative. However, in today’s article, we will be discussing the process on how to apply for Npower GEEP Loan. read to the end!

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What is GEEP Loan?

Before we talk about the GEEP Loan, let’s know its meaning, GEEP stands for Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program. This is a federal government initiative to fund micro, small, and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the Geep loan is a free interest loan given to outgoing npower beneficiaries to start up small businesses or fund existing businesses.

According to the Minister of finance, Zainab Ahmed, npower beneficiaries will get a GEEP Loan to start a business so that they won’t go back to the street, so the GEEP Loan will serve as their existing package.

Requirement to access GEEP Loan

  1. Applicants mst have Bank Verification Number
  2. must have a registered business with CAC
  3. Application must belong to an credited market association
  4. Application must show interest marketmoni by submting it’s information to BOI which should include certificate of reister.
  5. If your association is eligible for marketmoni, an agent will sent your group to capture your membership information.

Requirements for Npower GEEP Loan Application

As npower beneficiaries, the government has made it likely easy to access the loan without going through this process above. below are the process for an Npower beneficiary

  1. BVN
  2. NIN National Identfdication Number
  3. Pyschometrics test. Npower beneficiaries are to undergo a pyschometric test before they can request for the GEEP Loan.

How to Apply For Npower GEEP Loan Application 2021

  1. Visit the Npower Geep Portal
  2. Register on the portal and select programme of choice
  3. wait for further isntructions from support team.
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