Scholarships in Canada: Top 12 Scholarship Universities for International Students 2021- Apply Now

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Scholarships in Canada: The top 12 scholarship universities in Canada for international students in 2021 are listed in this article. In other words, this article is a guide to help students with the knowledge on the various scholarship universities in Canada.

However, in Canada, there are limited numbers of scholarships and there are open for international students.

Continue reading this article to know about the Canada Universities that offer international scholarships to graduates and undergraduate students.

International Undergraduates Scholarships in Canada

1. University of British Columbia Scholarships

The performances by students across the globe are recognized by UBC. As a result, the recognition is achieved by contributing over $10 million to the CAD program.

However, it is a yearly donation to assist international undergraduate scholarship students.

2. Lester B. Pearson Scholarships

The Lester B. Pearson international scholarship program is based at the University of Toronto.

The scholarship is to encourage outstanding students across the globe. In other words, the scholarship is for students who were selected as leaders.

Lester B. Pearson’s scholarship program covers four (4) years of resident support, books, incident fees, and tuition fees.

3. Calgary International Scholarships

The Calgary International Scholarship is studied at Calgary University. The program is an award that acknowledges the quality accomplishments of international students from around the world.

However, the award enables them to commence their undergraduate studies at Calgary University.

In other words, the Calgary Canada University scholarship program covers a total sum of $60,000.

4. Humber College International Scholarship Canada

Humber College gives scholarships to international students. However, their scholarship is renewable and could be full or partial tuition.

As a result, their prestigious program is for new international students, and classes start from September and January every year.

5. Carleton Prestige Canada Scholarships

Carleton University gives different categories of prestige scholarships to eligible undergraduates from different countries. However, the categories are:

a. The Richard Lawal Entrance Scholarship
b. The Collins Prestige Scholarship and Riordon Scholarships. The scholarship comes with full tuition fees and its duration is four years.
c. The Carleton University Scholarship of Excellence.
d. The Chancellor’s Scholarship.
e. The Carleton University SHAD Scholarship. (It comes with a value of CAD 20,000 to 30,000).

6. York University International Students Scholarship Program

York University releases scholarships to eligible international students. In other words, it includes only students with good academic records. Therefore, the scholarship is a four years program and the worth is $60,000 to $100,000. Visit the official website

7. Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders

Winnipeg President’s scholarship is studied at the University of Winnipeg. The award is given to new international students entering the University’s division. However, the scholarship award is recognized from $3,500 to $5,000.

International Graduates Sholarships in Canada

8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

The scholarship is for international students. In addition, it comes with the option of only candidates from developing countries around the world.

However, the scholarship is for candidates who are applying for a doctoral program in the social sciences and humanities.

However, candidates can register for a full-time program at the university. Therefore the annual value per scholar for a maximum of three years is $60,000.

9. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Graduates Scholarships was established because their mission is to project Canada University as a world-class center for excellent doctoral students.

In other words, it was created to be the best place for discovery and higher learning. Therefore, their program is for doctoral degrees (Ph.D. or MD) at specified Universities in Canada.

10. University of Waterloo (International Master’s Awards of Excellence)

The Master’s Award of Excellence gives its award to qualified international Master’s students. In other words, the award is a research-based Master’s program for international students at the University of Waterloo.

Therefore, the duration for the award is a maximum of five years and it is valued at $2,500.

11. University of Calgary Graduate Awards

The University of Calgary gives out full and partial scholarships to eligible students from different countries.

For Instance, the scholarship covers a wider range of different programs. In addition, it involves various academic fields. Therefore, it is valued at $1,000 to $4,000.

12. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships in Canada

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship awards is offered to students with quality academic performance.

However, the University’s award is based on merit. Therefore, Manitoba’s scholarship is available for international students who will register for a full-time program (Ph.D. or Masters).

However, the Fellowship duration is for 12 months period and it is valued at $14,000 for Masters’s or $18,000 for a Ph.D.


Studying in Canada is the dream of thousands of international students seeking scholarships, to advance their studies. However, if you want to gain a scholarship award and study in Europe, here is the list of universities you can apply for: scholarships in Europe>>>

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