Share Your JAMB 2022 Exam Date, Center & Time To Connect With Seat Partners

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It is expected that all 2022 candidates must have printed their JAMB exam slip and as well know their specific exam time, date, and venue. In addition, if you have not printed yours or you are yet to know your exam center, time, and date, kindly check it here.

However, if you have printed your JAMB slip, this thread is for you to quickly connect with other candidates who have been grouped to take the exams in the same center as you.

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You are required to kindly post the following in the comment section below;

1. State

2. Exam Date

3. Exam time

4. Exam Center

5. Subjects you will be taking

We advise that candidates should visit their exam centers if possible or ask a friend who stays close to their exam location prior to the test date to help prevent stress or any form of panicking on the exam day. However, if you don’t know how to locate your exam center, this thread is a great opportunity to get direction from other candidates who may know the actual venue and the routes to the exam center.

In addition, always remember that revision is a vital aspect of exam preparation.

There are important revision tools to utilize for the JAMB CBT Exam. While you are getting ready, if you study at least 3 full CBT Exams daily till the exam date, it automatically means you would have covered over 15 years of questions.

You’re set? Let’s get started!

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