Ways on How to Speak with Confidence in Public

How to speak with confidence in public

What is Public Speaking?

It’s an exercise of communicating or passing a message to a live audience with the aim of either to convince or confuse. Public speaking is also seen as a means of talking to a targeted crowd with the motive to either entertain your audience, persuade them to do something or get them educated about something.

Public speaking could either be formal; where a speech is delivered by a CEO of an organization top stakeholders at a conference centre or informal speeches conducted at a birthday (during toast) or reunion party.

Public speaking is something you have to get used to as an individual; because we all get uninvolved in public speaking either directly or indirectly.

However, most people find it very difficult to stand or sit and talk before a large audience without stammering or looking at people’s faces. Imagine delivering an excellent speech at an event even when you are unprepared for it.

You would feel much more excited and confident in yourself for responding to impromptu speech delivery. Continue reading this article to the end to know why people lack confidence in public speaking and how to build your confidence and conquer stage fright in other to deliver a well-constructed and remarkable speech

Tips for Public Speaking

1. Anticipate Success

Public speaking is what you ought to do with enthusiasm and a little smile on your face. But in some cases, people get more worried whenever they’re asked to address the public; this is because they don’t know how to talk in public.

If you feel nervous about public speaking; do not panic, it is absolutely natural and doesn’t let anybody make you look down on yourself.

This is because most public speakers actually started from somewhere. Nobody became so perfect overnight in public speaking.

However, having a negative mindset may reduce your confidence level; which may also affect your performance while you are giving your speech.

Therefore; be confident, have a positive mindset, engage in constant practice and anticipate that your speech will be the best.

2. Study and Understand Your Audience

Prior knowledge and understanding of your audience give you an idea of what your audience would like to hear. Ensure to study and prepare adequately by outlining your key points to enable a good speech delivery.

Knowing what to say at each point in time, gives your audience the impression that you know what you are doing.

Also, share more light to your highlighted points and use simple grammar; so your audience could understand what you are saying.

3. Share Your Personal Experience

Using your personal experience to explain and demonstrate while you are speaking, is a powerful tool to engage your audience and make them focus on you.

It shows how serious you are in what you are saying.

Another secret to engaging your audience; is to ensure you have mastered some good communication skills in other to be in charge and communicate effectively whenever you are giving a speech.

4. Focus on Your Audience (Look their Faces)

In public speaking, you have to periodically look at those you are talking to; not looking at the sky or gazing at the interior part of the building.

Moreover, talking and looking so unserious will make your audience feel bored about your speech.

Hence, you can locate two or more people who look more attentive, focus on them and do some explanation or go further to call them out to do some demonstrations to the crowd.

This will boost your self-confidence and also make your audience remain to focus on you with smiles on their faces because apparently at this point, it’s you have confidence in your speech.

Note: in cases where you find a piece of your audience being distracted such as; seeing two or more persons discussing unnecessarily even when your speech is making sense.

Of course, you can’t make everyone happy, you’re not Jollof Rice. Ignore them and focus on those having eye contact with you.

5. Have an Aid Containing Your Points

Don’t you think using some form of technology to project your speech delivery will be very professional and interesting materials to use in a formal speech delivery?

Of course, it is. Using some visual guide to spice up your speech can add value and make your speech more remarkable.

Visual Tools for Public Speaking;

  • Video
  • Chart
  • Graph
  • Photos

These are visual ads a speaker can use in public speaking in other to easily highlight very important points for his/her audience.

6. Emphasize on Your key points

To ensure a fluent and successful speech delivery, it’s recommendable if you have the general knowledge of what your speech is all about.

However, you can write down those relevant key points you feel are very important in other to have a smooth speech delivery.

Having well-written points will help you remember every detail of the explanation needs to present before your audience.

This is because you won’t sound confident or professional reading from a book as your audience may easily notice you are not fluent in your speech because your speech is not smooth and natural.

Hence; speaking fluently and steady without constantly looking from a book makes your speech more professional and unique.

7. Simplify Your Grammar

The best way to communicate to your audience is to keep your grammar simple.

Don’t think you have to use high language for your speech in other to impress your listeners. Just know there is absolutely no need for that.

It’s better to keep your speech simple and communicate effectively in a way that your audience could easily understand, instead of using words that could be difficult for your audience to comprehend.

However, you can use storylines of your personal experience to sustain their attention towards you.

This is due to the fact that the audience could easily get tired or bored about a speech; but if you can spice up your speech with good and funny stories, then be sure to have the full attention of your audience.

8. Use Body Gesture

Aside from talking, it’s very important to use sign language and body gestures while addressing your audience.

Using these tools make your crowd feel the vibes that come with your speech. Your confidence will reflect massively when you utilize the spaces within the stage.

You can walk around even while you are talking, try moving your hands for illustrations and ensure to keep a friendly face with a smile on your face.

Doing these will let your audience know you are confident about your delivery.

9. Do Constant Practice

To achieve your success with public speaking; the truth is you have to engage in constant practice.

You need to know your standing posture while talking, work on your verbal tics such as (Um) and (Like); these filling words need conscious attention while talking in public.

To better understand yourself, watch yourself in the mirror and see how you can improve on these things.

Hope this article is helpful to make your speech stand out!

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