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Do you think you know the tips to make your kids smart? Do you think it’s easy to observe or find out the period when kids are happy about themselves? Do you also notice when they feel sad?

I leave you with the answers. In this article, I’ll reveal to you the tips to make your kids smart

Sometimes we also relate these feelings to self-esteem, because as adults, we also have moments when we feel good or bad about ourselves. Same thing applicable to kids.

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If you give quality attention to kids around you, it is very certain that you must notice when a kid feels confident around other kids.

How to Know If A Kid Has Self-Esteem or Not

There are many ways to detect if a kid has self-esteem or not. In most cases, kids with self-esteem usually have ways of showing or communicating it.

Kids that have self-esteem can easily be identified. For example, they feel liked and accepted, they always have good thoughts about themselves and they also feel confident among their peers.  

While kids with low self-esteem always focus their minds on their failures instead of their success, they have low confidence in themselves and sometimes feel they’re not as good as other kids.

Most times they doubt if they can do things well; it also goes down to the fact you (parent) lack the tips to make your kids smart

Do You Think Self-Esteem is Essential for Kids?

Indeed it is. In reality, kids who feel confident about themselves in anything they do actually show that they can try new things. Being confident makes them feel proud of what they love doing best.

In most cases, confident kids try to put more effort into giving their best in all they do in a way that even if they make mistakes, they don’t allow it to overwhelm them due to their self-esteem.

Self-confidence actually boosts their mood in a way that even if they fail initially or have poor performance in school, self-esteem helps them to do better the next time they try again. It also improves their social lifestyle with friends, at home, and even at school.

While kids with low self-esteem may allow their peers to intimidate them, isolate themselves when they feel others may not accept them because they lack that confidence in themselves.

Low confidence makes them find it difficult to speak out for themselves and as a result, makes them feel rejected and depressed. It’s also difficult for them to cope with unpleasant situations, especially when they make mistakes or fail in school.

10 Powerful Tips To Make Your Kids Smart

1. Show Your Ward The Best Way to Do Things

Kids tend to learn everyday of their lives even art babyhood. For example learning to take their first steps or learning how to pronounce words or how to hold cup triggers a sense of perfection and excitement.

As they keep growing up, the more they find interest in learning new things which indirectly helps them to build their self-esteem. For example, learning how to read & write, how to greet elders, ride a bike or how to do their homework.

After teaching them for a while, allow them to try things on their own and watch them do it to see whether they do it right or not and if otherwise, politely introducing some form of correction will help boost their self-confidence to enable them to do it better when next they try.

As a parent, it’s ideal if you show your kids how to do certain things and even help them in the process. Always ensure to give them a task that’s not too hard or too easy for them to handle and if they do it well, cheer them up and also encourage them from time to time.

 But when giving them kudos, ensure not to overdo it in order to avoid future consequences.

2.  Teach Your Kids How To Go

One of the best ways of raising kids is becoming their role model by showing good examples to them.

For example, When you put the effort into daily house chores like cleaning up the dishes, preparing a meal, mopping the floor, washing the car, using washing machines to wash clothes, that way you teaching them the right thing.

Hence, kids learn more when they put effort into learning how to do the usual house task like making their bed, arranging their clothes, and ensuring their toys are kept in the right places.

Note that sometimes even as role models, kids don’t only learn how to do house tasks alone. They also have a way of watching your manner of approach to that house chores you want them to learn.

Kids go as far as studying your body language while you’re executing the task.

For example, if you’re the type that complains or grumbles while doing things, you may get to see that trait in them when they’re doing their house chores.

The best way to handle this issue is to ensure you work on yourself and teach them how to stay humbled after a job well done, how to do things without complaining and how to speak out and not being rude especially when the house chose is much on them.

3.  Regulate Kudos Given to Kids.

Everyone feels good when they receive kudos after a job well done. But excess accolades could make an individual feel proud, and sometimes misbehave knowing. Kids can get carried away when you over praise them.

Raining fake praises on kids even when they feel they don’t deserve it can do more harm than good. Therefore, it’s not ideal to over praise them simply because you love them so well. Such act can send a wrong message to them which can be misleading sometimes.

However, regulate accolades you give to them when they get things done in the right way. If a child’s performance is not good enough based on the fact that we all have off days, instead of raining excess praises on that child you can go like this


“I understand that wasn’t the best part of you, but your performance gives me hope. I’m really proud of you for not giving up and am really confident that you’ll be on top of your game when next you try”.

Words of encouragement shouldn’t always be when a child performs a particular task well; instead, praises should be focused on the child’s morals, improvement, and progress.

If your kids tries to acquire new skills like learning how to play drum set, you can encourage that child by say “I love the way your passion for drum practicing”.

With a perfect and timely encouragement, kids will feel motivated to work tirelessly to improve on their skills, work towards achieving their goals and become that child that every parent will be proud of.

4. Avoid Talking Your Kids Down

The words we hear have the power to change our moods. They also have a great impact that determines how we respond to them. Kids feel bad when you talk them down or even criticize or use harsh words on them.

The Effects of Using Harsh Words on Kids

  1. It causes low self-esteem in a child.
  2. It makes them feel others are much better than them.
  3. It affects them psychologically which can make them lose confidence in themselves
  4.  Harsh words can make kids have doubt and not believe in themselves
  5. Harsh words can affect a child’s self-esteem. For example “You’re Just Useless” is not really ideal or healthy for them.

It won’t be out of place if you create time to give a piece of advice to your kids, telling them the pathway you want them to take. Tell them you really want the best from them, be their source of motivation, and assisting them to do certain things that will boost their self-esteem.

5. We All Have Our Choices

If we’re given the opportunity to make our choices, we would feel much better and fulfilled. “Don’t you think kids will be happier if they’re allowed to make their choices”? You can answer that yourself!  Allowing them to be in charge in some areas can make them feel powerful.

Let kids know the difference between hot and cold water in order to let them know it’s up to them to decide or make their choice during winter period.

They should be made to understand they have to take responsibility for their actions inasmuch as they’ve been given the opportunity to be in charge or make their choices.

6.  Teach Them Givers Lifestyle

As the saying goes “Givers Never Lack and if you want them to Give, Teach them How to give”.  Helping kids to know how to give and assist other kids around them will eventually build their self-esteem.

When an App is installed on a mobile device it improves the functionality & potentiality of that device. Hence, when the mindset of Giving is planted in a child, it will make that child help even at home or to assist other siblings in achieving their aims.

This will boost their confidence, make them feel happy and fulfilled when other kids appreciate what they do for them.

7. Invest More Time in What They Focus on.

As guidance, we ought to give attention to kids: not just looking at them per say, but studying what they do and monitoring their activities from time to time in order to discover what they love doing.

For example, if your kid loves playing piano, ensure to give such kid a chance to improve more on piano skills.

However, if you want kids to feel good and have self-esteem, ensure to focus more on making them better and stronger in pursuing their dreams. This will certainly give them a positive mindset that makes them feel they can achieve anything they want if they believe in themselves.

8. All Kids Have Potentials (Motivate Them to Follow Their Dreams)

One of the best ways to boost a kid’s confidence is to see that they succeed in what they love doing. Showing them care and being their source of motivation can give them an edge among their peers.

Allowing them to take on challenges and ensure you walk them through the whole process would build more confidence in them.

It’s also ideal if you make them see reasons why they have to complete every single task they start in order for them to know how important it is to stick with a job and get it done because there’s always a reward at the end.

9. Express Your Love For Them.

Basically, kids know you love them when you show care and give them the attention they need. Loving kids extends to the point of encouraging them whenever they miss it or fail in any task.

This also shows you want them to be more smarter in anything they do. The more interested you are in how to make your kids smart, the more clever they become.

You must also bear in mind that kids have their weaknesses in some areas and as a result, they may not give their best in such areas. However, as parents you’ve got to understand that fact; let them know they can do better than that.

If a child performs very well in school, courtesy demands you show them love and give them kudos for excellent performances. But constantly expressing your love only when they do well in class may send a wrong signal to them.

They may misunderstand your expression of love. However, they may start having an impression that you value their performances in class and not knowing that your love for them is unconditional.  

10.  Ensure your kids operates within their Workload

If your kid is slightly good at table tennis and has little or no skills in football, you may advise your kid to join the tennis team where he can feel free and do more exploit in table tennis.

Kids may not fit in very well in a particular field. However, they get to do better when they’re introduced to something pleasant to them.


Your self-esteem checklist is very essential to be considered regularly in other to familiarize yourself with how to make your kids smart

Set goals. Teach your kids to work towards a goal and to have pride in their accomplishments. Provide them with opportunities for success.

Proof to your kids you are the best version of parent and make them cherish you for life.

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