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Best 10 Aviation Schools in the UK, US, and Canada

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in aviation from one of the best aviation schools in the US, UK, and Canada to secure a better future to improve your standard of living? Check the list below to make an informed choice.

Aviation generally covers all flight, maintenance, and aircraft activities by monitoring/satisfying Customers’ travel needs as well as the security within the airport/travel arena.

Aviation is a very sensitive field of study that calls for much attention and seriousness as it involves dealing with human life, which the more reason we have standard aviation schools in the Us, the UK, Canada caught across Australia, aiming at providing competent aviation personnel.

Nevertheless, before embarking on studying aviation there are various courses to go through within the duration of your programs such as Aircraft Maintenance, Airline Cadet Program, Private pilot certification, and lots more. See fully funded Scholarships in the UK

Why You Should Study Aviation In the US, UK, Canada?

Aviation schools are very important and useful, this is because the risk involved in flying a plane can  be greatly reduced where a pilot is properly trained and equipped with all the needed knowledge

State-of-art Facilities

When you study aviation in the US UK and Canada, you are assured of the best aviation facilities of the 21st century, these countries have all they take to give pilots 100% guidance in modern aviation technology gadgets and information

Accredited Aviation Schools

Aviation schools in the UK, US, and Canada are accredited, meaning, you are learning under institutions that are recognized and licensed, not quacks or mushrooms institutions

The US, UK, and Canada have world standard aviation schools, where professionals pilots are trained

Professional Tutors and Experts

They don’t just have decent aviation facilities but have professional tutors that teach pilots, some of these tutors are from the plane production plant or factories in Booing, Airbus

Qualifications to study Aviation

There are some necessary qualifications required to stand a chance of studying aviation in the US, UK, Canada, and even international students who are interested. They include:  

Forgery of Application Documents will lead to disqualification.

Some of these Aviation schools in the US, UK, and Canada include the following:

A good GPA of over 3.0 and above to stand a better chance of admission

Recommendation Letter of Transfer with a document (for international students)

List of Top 10 Aviation Schools UK, US, and Canada.

Below is the list of best aviation schools in the UK, US, and Canada;

  1. Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA)

Louisiana Tech University is one the accredited aviation institute located in Ray field Ave United States, with the aim of producing competent personnel as the world continue to improve its technology to handle the aviation sector.

The institute also provides an opportunity for students to have background knowledge throughout their flight training year. Other research projects are also carried out to ensure the practical application of their studies.

However, other internship programs are also provided for students to have a grassroots idea of the entire aviation setup to build from.

  • South Dakota State University (Brookings, SD)

South Dakota State University has a full stock of facilities and infrastructures to carry out aviation training in all their courses, ranging from flight Maintenance to aircraft/airline services.  

They provide quality training at a very affordable rate with part-time classes for advanced learning. They also have over 14 available airplanes for practical training and illustration. The essence of this part-time training is to help build an overall aviation competent personality.  

Due to the in-depth aviation program, most of the students have the opportunity to gain employment as flight instructors others as airline management officers.

  • University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota is one of the aviation schools in the Us which is known for deep aviation training specialized in programs such as airport management, commercial aviation as well Aviation safety operations.

Has one of the largest training environments in the world. It has about 100 simulators and aircraft together coupled with a hypobaric chamber for a better high-altitude flight experience.  The institute centers much attention on safety without gambling the curriculum.

  • Kingston University

Kingston University is one of the aviation schools in the UK that holds the flag in aviation research programs offering degree certification in Aircraft Engineering and also Aviation operation and technology.

They center much attention on engineering and maintenance, with expert instructors and engineering consultants to guide the students throughout their training duration.

Apart from Aviation training other technical and computer courses are taken to help the students have a wider knowledge of computing as the world continues to witness innovative technological development. 

  • The British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology popularly known as the aerospace technological campus located on a 40,000-square-foot hangar containing numerous aircraft, and medium helicopters coupled with turboprops.

Surprisingly, most of these Aviation Schools In Us, the Uk, and Canada are incorporated with other airline agencies, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology is one of them. On the other hand, it gives the students the opportunity to gain employment with good recommendations from a recognized aviation institute.

  • University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the top aviation schools in Canada that centers on Geo-science and aerospace analysis. They train their students to become both private and commercial pilots with the required confidence to handle flight operations. 

During the course of training, they also have access to map reading analysis and flight attack strategy designed especially for military personnel but serves as background knowledge for those who will join the military after the training.  

  • Sault College

Sault College was established in the year 1960 as a core vocational school for grooming professional pilots and airline specialists; it has been training people to become pilots since the year 1974. Many have testified and seen airlines managed smoothly but their students with better results are proud of Sault College.

Sault College came as a result of the increasing demand for airline and aviation personnel in the country, the sole aim and objective for the establishment of the school was to build expertise in the field of aviation and venture into a larger transport Network.

  • Moncton flight

Moncton flight was established in the year 1929 and is located in Moncton with the primary objective to train pilots. The aviation school hosts advance training with an airport (Moncton International Airport in Dieppe, New Brunswick which is one of the largest private airports in Canada.

It also has a second campus located at Fredericton international airport in Lincoln. The essence of locating the school was to give the students a familiar view and understanding of how airlines operate on a larger platform.

  • Fashawe College

Fanshawe College houses the Norton wolf school of aviation Technology new located in London. The college has over $10 million wealth hangar at London international airport with reserve re-enforcement gadgets in case of breakdown or malfunction.

They offer courses such as drone operation, vehicle operator, aircraft structure repair technician, aeronautical engineer, aircraft maintenance, avionics maintenance e.t.c

In conclusion- The world needs quality pilots who will fly planes with humans to their destination, reducing air mishaps and enhancing air travel, the US, UK, and Canada aviation schools can guarantee such excellence.

  • University of Leads

The University of Leads is located in London. They specialized in Aviation technology and management with advanced technological gadgets using AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors with optimal performance for a better flight experience.

The institution has over 300 postgraduate students and 206 undergraduates from around the world. As a result of the in-depth training over 9,000 aspirants from 170 countries, hoping to gain admission into the university.

For more information about the Leads Aviation and how to apply, visit the Official Website: Click Here

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