Uber vs Bolt: Which is better for Customers and Drivers?

uber vs bolt

Uber vs Bolt: These companies gives you a ride within minutes across different cities. However, as a customer or driver, here is why you should use either uber or bolt. Both platforms have different features that determine how it suits both customers and drivers.

In recent times, a lot has changed whereby instead of waiting for car service for almost an hour or chase after a taxi down your street, you can easily request a car from any location, through a ride-hailing app and have a car in minutes.

Initially, Uber and Bolt were popularly known as (Taxify) which operates with a request-apps when they started. However, they became well known on the street of Lagos, in Nigeria. Both companies provided good platforms for the average citizens of a country to become a driver on their platform.

For example, if you have a car in good condition that meets the criteria of the company, you could apply to use it on their platform (ride-request service) and you will be received into their platform.

This has drastically reduced the unemployment rate among the youth in the society, and also brought an increase in the number of drivers and cars available for the services, and most importantly; making life easy for citizens (customers) to get to their destinations by requesting a pickup ride in minutes.

Bolt and Uber easily direct drivers to customers with the use of modern technology and mobile applications. However, both companies have made remarkable changes to the transportation industry by using technology to provide solutions by making it easy for customers to use their smartphones and request a car at the comfort of their homes from any location, instead of walking down the street in search of a taxi. 

If you want to know the comparisons between Uber and Bolt especially as a new customer or driver in Nigeria, we have a compiled list of differences that explains why you should choose either of them.

Brief history about Uber  

Uber started with the idea that came in form of a question: “What if you could request a ride with your smartphone at the comfort of your home”? However, what started as a thought drastically grew into a famous brand that aimed at helping you move towards opportunity each day across the globe.

Uber currently have over one billion users across the globe and it was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp.

When did Uber start?

Uber started in March 2009 in San Francisco, California, United States, and replicated in Nigeria in 2014.

Uber Company is certainly an advancement of Taxi services, whereby the driver is not required to be a professional but at least, should know the basics of driving.

Brief history about Bolt

The idea of Bolt was in line with that of Uber. You can be a Bolt driver if you have a legal and valid driver’s license.

When did Bolt start?

Bolt started at Estonian in Europe in 2013, and it was founded by Markus Villig. Bolt replicated in Nigeria in 2016 and started using a price/promo strategy to compete with Uber.

Cities of operation in Nigeria

Uber: The Company is currently operating in Abuja, Gulu (Uganda), and Lagos.

Bolt: They are currently operating in Abuja, Lagos, Warri, Kano, Benin City, Portharcourt, Kaduna, Jos, Asaba, Makurdi, Bauchi, Ekiti, Owerri, Ibadan, Akure, Aba, Enugu, Zaria, Abeokuta, Umuahia, Calabar, and Uyo.

Remark: It appears that Bolt services cover more cities than Uber in Nigeria. In addition, customers and drivers can use their smartphones to request Bolt ride in more locations than Uber.

Cancellation fee

Uber:  After booking a ride and you decide to cancel the trip, Uber imposes a cancellation fee that will be added to your next trip.

Bolt: Cancellation fee will affect if your request has been accepted by a driver, and you cancel the trip after two minutes. In addition, a cancellation fee will be charged if the driver cancels the request after waiting for the customer for more than 8 minutes. It all depends on the market.

Remark: Uber adds a cancellation fee to the next trip when a customer cancels a request while Bolt charges theirs in some cases. Note; the cancellation fee is an advantage to the driver and a loss to the customer.

Uber and Bolt which is cheaper?

Uber: According to series of reviews, it appears that Uber trip fee is higher than Bolt. You may also ask; uber and bolt which is better?

Bolt: In other to take Uber out of the market, Bolt deliberately reduced its transportation prices and make it more reasonable and affordable for their customers. In addition, Bolt sends promotional codes to its customers to enable them to enjoy a whopping cheap offer.    

Remark: with the price comparison above, it appears that Bolt runs a cheaper rate than Uber. Considering their rates, it is a plus to both customers and drivers.

Uber and Bolt which pays drivers more?

Uber: After a successful trip, Uber takes some percentage amount of the total charges per trip, which is usually between 20% and 30% of the money paid. It shows that the drivers have a higher cut (70% to 80%) of the amount paid.

Bolt: After a successful trip, Bolt takes 25% to 20% of the total money paid per trip. It shows drivers have a higher share (80% to 85%) of the total amount paid.

Remark: It shows that Bolt drivers will make more money than Uber drivers

Which is the safest?

In the case of Uber:

Uber has safety features on their mobile app, to enable customers to share their trip status and tell their loved ones where they are. This feature is to provide help if the need arises; when something happens while your trip is on.

Uber provides unlimited access to 24/7 customer support via their app to enable emergency response if you encounter unforeseen challenges or accidents while your trip is on.

In addition, to help and keep both drivers and riders safe, Uber ensured a two-way rating system is available. Uber uses Geographic Positioning System (GPS), to track all its rides from start to finish, enabling all its partners to follow their rides and see where they are going. Through the app, you can see the drivers face, and car plate number before entering the car.

While your trip is on, if your trip has an unforeseen long stop, the Uber platform has provided a RideCheck feature that uses GPS data and sensors to detect such movements. In such cases, Uber customer care will keep in touch with you and provide helpful tools.

Uber app helps you verify your ride with a PIN, to ensure you are entering into the right brand of car (for example, red, blue, or white Corolla or Camry product) and driver’s face as seen on the app while you were making your request. 

Additional safety measures made available by Uber are; proper driver screening, driver hour limits, speed limit alert and vehicle inspection.

In the case of Bolt:

Bolt does proper verification of all its drivers via its verification portal, in legal partnership with YouVerify. Their verification process involves proper checking of each document provided by drivers, to ensure their information tally with all government databases.

Anytime you request a ride on the Bolt app, all the details of the driver (name and photo) and car (license, plate number and model/make) will be revealed to you.

They also have an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature as an additional safety measure, that enable customers to share their trip progress live on the map, including the full details of the driver, to friends and loved ones.

Bolt has a rating feature that allows you to rate driver’s services. They also have ride trip protection that ensures your belongings from the start to the end of the trip. In other words, each trip is insured with Bolt.

Remark: Uber and Bolt use intelligent safety features, but based on the analysis, we can see that Uber has more safety features than Bolt.

How do I get my lost item back from Uber or Bolt?

Uber: In such a scenario, you have to contact the Uber driver about your lost item, to confirm you left it inside the car. You will pay the driver a return fee for his effort and time once your item is returned depending on the location.

Bolt: In this aspect, Bolt compensation payment is based on your discretion as Bolt encourages its customers to consider the driver’s time and effort to return their lost items.

Remark: Uber place charges on returned items while Bolt encourages you to use discretion to compensate drivers for their effort.

How do I apply and become an Uber driver in Abuja Nigeria 2021

Before applying for any online jobs, you need to know the basic steps on how to apply. See the requirements to become an Uber Driver:

  • Valid Nigeria driver’s license
  • Andriod or iOS phone with a valid email address
  • LASRAA card
  • Minimum of 21 years of age
  • Valid LASDRI card (Lagos only)
  • Safety screening and virtual info session
  • Driver’s profile photo
  • Meet Uber’s standard vehicle requirements
  • No face mask, no ride (as part of covid’19 rules to help keep each other safe)

Apply to become an Uber driver and start earning money: Sign up to drive. You can also download the Uber driver’s app: Get the app.

How to apply for a Bolt driver in Nigeria 2021

The following steps below shows how you can become a Bolt driver:

  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Attend driver training for service quality and use of the Bolt driver application
  • Additional Documents for Lagos: (LASDRI Card, Driver Badge, and LASRRA Card)

Apply to join other drivers and start making money on the Bolt platform: Sign up now. If you have fleets of cars (from two cars upward) kindly Sign up here.

Remark: Based on the analysis, it shows that the procedures to become an Uber driver are more tedious than Bolt.

Uber vehicle requirements in Nigeria 2021

  • Car model year 2000 or newer  
  • Must be in good condition with no cosmetic damages
  • Vehicle must have 4-door
  • Car inspection report
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Roadworthiness certificate

Bolt vehicle requirements in Nigeria 2021

  • Vehicle license
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Minimum of 4-door
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  • Must be in good working condition
  • AutoGenius Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Additional Documents for Lagos only: (State Hackney Permit and Vehicle Body Tag for all routes).

Remark: Aside from some minor additional requirements Uber has, both companies have virtually the same vehicle requirements.

Additional perks for Uber drivers

  • Consecutive trip promotions
  • Quest promotions
  • Vehicle maintenance discounts
  • Surge pricing during high demand
  • Additional Perks for Bolt Drivers
  • Access to monthly HMO care
  • The ability to earn extra from bonuses
  • Bolt fuel rewards (this is in legal partnership with Total fuel station Nigeria)
  • Driver’s shield: A ride-sharing insurance product that includes the rider and driver while on Bolt Rides.

Remark: Uber and bolt offer additional perks for drivers.

Features of Uber and Bolt (ETA)

In a scenario where you had to explain you are running late for an event but you are already on your way? Uber and Bolt features enable you to share details of your trip, providing them with proof that you are on your way.

They will see the following:

  • Your Pickup point
  •  Car Location and Movement
  • Your Destination (It only appears if you set it up)
  • Driver and Car Information

How do I share trip status with friends on Uber app? (Trip ETA)

  • Open the app
  • Book a ride
  • Swipe up and tap Send Status
  • Select 4 to 5 people you want to share your trip with.
  • Your selected contacts will receive a text containing the full details of your trip (when text is opened, it displays your driver’ vehicles and first name information, including your map real-time location).

Download Uber customer App for both android and iOS

Uber customer app: Get the App

How do I share a Bolt trip with friends (Trip ETA)?  

  • Open the app
  • Request a ride
  • Tap Share (you can share your trip link before the driver arrives or during your trip)

Remark: Based on the analysis, Uber and Bolt have share features that enable you to share your trip with a second party.

Download Bolt customer App for both android and iOS

Andriod users: Get the App while IOS users: Get the app

Multiple Destinations: How does it work? Uber vs Bolt app

Adding multiple stops to a trip is another interesting feature that enables customers to relax and enjoy their trip. If you wish to make some quick stops while your trip is on, you can add few stops along your route.  For example, if you wish to pick up a friend or dropping off an item, you won’t have to stress yourself explaining to your driver how to get to those locations.

How do I add multiple stops on Uber app?

How it Works:

  • Open the app
  • Click Where to?
  • Tap Next to (destinations box)
  • Add stops at any point before or during your trip. You can also edit (add, change or remove a stop while your trip is on). Note, this feature is not available on 

How do I add multiple stops on Bolt app?

To use the “Add Stops” features on your app, Bolt requires you to ensure your app is updated to the latest version.

How it works:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the plus sign (+) on the right side of the address box to add more stops to your ride.

With Bolt, a customer can only create a maximum of three stops.

How to make money from Uber and Bolt?

There are several ways on how to make money from Uber and Bolt, but I will write about that in my next post.


Our analysis above, shows you have your personal decision to make regarding whether to choose Uber or Bolt. However, if you want a ride with more features, you should consider using Uber while you can use Bolt if you want a cheaper trip. For Drivers in Nigeria, Bolt will pay more than Uber.

In Nigeria, Uber and Bolt are indisputably and currently the best two ride-hailing apps with modern facilities.

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