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Use A Visa Gift Card Online

If you recently received a visa gift card and you are asking questions like “can you use gift cards online?”, don’t worry. This article answers questions such as ” can you use gift cards online?”, ”how can you use gift cards online?”, “how can you use visa gift cards online?”, and “how do you use gift cards online?”. Just follow me closely to find out the answers to these.

The most interesting thing about visa gift cards is that they can be used everywhere including online but they can only be used at stores that accept visa gift cards. These visa gift cards would make a fantastic gift to anyone you present them to.

Keep in mind that you have to activate and register your gift card before you can use it to make purchases online. Did you just receive a visa gift card and do you want to make purchases online? Learn how you can use visa gift cards with the following steps.

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How To Use a Visa Gift Card Online

Now, coming down to the question of how you can use gift cards online. The following steps will show you how you can use visa gift cards online. Keep reading.

1. Activate your visa gift card

This is the first step to take before using your visa gift card online. If it was purchased in a retail store then it must have been activated at the cash register. But if you purchased it online, then you will have to do the activation by yourself. 

What you are required to do is, log in to the website that is displayed on the card, then type in the 16-digit unique card number displayed on the card and the security code as well.

To secure your card, ensure you sign on the back of the card as soon as you receive it. This is the first step to how you can use gift cards online.

2. Register your visa gift card

To register your visa gift card, turn to the back of the card or check in the leaflet that comes with the card, you will see the issuer’s contact number or website. You can choose either to dial the issuer’s number or log in to the website. 

You will be asked to supply your personal details such as your name, phone number, and address, as well as the card security number and card code. Take note of the format you used for your personal information. 

This is because a lot of outlets use the Address Verification System to double-check that the information on the card matches your personal information. It also helps to curtail gift card fraud. Here’s the second step to how you can use visa gift cards online.

3. Use your visa gift card to make a purchase online

There are a couple of payment options for you to choose from. This includes Amazon, debit/credit card, PayPal. The option you will choose is the debit/credit card option, after which you select the visa card.

You will be required to put in your personal information just as you did while registering your card, then enter the security code and card code.

In a case where you have insufficient cash on your gift card, keep in mind that some outlets require you to have a certain amount of money on your card to do a transaction. If you have insufficient funds on your card, then go to an outlet that fits in with what you have.

4. Make payments using your visa gift card

Always ensure you have sufficient funds in your card balance before using it to purchase things online.

You can do this by contacting your financial institution on the reverse side of the card and following the instructions.

Problems With Visa Gift Cards

As much as visa gift cards are good, there are also associated problems that come with them. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the problems that come with a visa gift card.

#Problem 1: Charges

The first thing you need to know about visa gift cards is that they are not cheap. The price of a visa gift card varies depending on the card.

 For a Target visa gift card, the price of a $50 gift card is $5 making it a total of $55. But if you had given the receiver of the visa gift card the $55 in cash, it would save you the extra cost of $5.

It doesn’t just end there. You may be charged for monthly maintenance if your card is inactive for a year. Although this is dependent on the kind of visa gift card you purchased. 

Because of this, you may want to look out for gift cards that specifically say there are no fees after purchase. You can purchase visa gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and other outlets that display gift cards eg. drug stores, convenience stores, etc. Banks like the U.S. Bank sell visa gift cards too to their customers.

#Problem 2: It’s difficult to use sometimes

Most people complain that when their gift card balance is remaining $5 or $10, they find it difficult to use up all of it. This is another problem with visa gift cards.

There’s no doubt that these cards can be used anywhere visa gift cards are accepted, whether online or offline. Still, purchases and transactions are sometimes declined.

#Problem 3: Gift Card Theft

Yes! Gift cards can be stolen but the good news is they can be replaced too. To replace your stolen gift card will cost you about $5 or more.

This is just the more reason a credit card is preferred to a gift card. If your credit card gets stolen, you won’t be charged any money for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visa gift card?

A visa gift card is a prepaid card that is accepted wherever visa gift cards are used. These visa gift cards usually have a certain amount of cash in them which can be used to make purchases of any kind. It is a thoughtful gift to give to someone.

Do I need to activate my visa gift card first?

Yes! You need to first activate your visa gift card if it was purchased online. But if it was purchased from a retail outlet, it must have been activated at the cash register.

Without activating your visa gift card, you cannot make use of the card to make purchases online.

How do I know the balance on my visa gift card?

There are two available options for you to check the available balance on your visa gift card. It could be either by phone or online.

Check the reverse side of your card or the leaflet that accompanied your card, you will see the contact information of the card issuer.

Before purchasing anything, endeavor to check your account balance to be sure that you have sufficient funds for what you want to buy. This is because, if you make a purchase for something higher than your available balance, your transaction could be denied.

What details should I include if I want to give someone a visa gift card?

If you want to give out a visa gift card to someone as a present, ensure you give It alongside the materials that accompanied the card when you purchased it, not excluding the terms and conditions of use.

If it’s an under-aged person that you’re giving the card to, do well to review the accompanying card materials together.

How do I use my visa gift card?

Just like a credit card, you are required to sign the purchase form and give your card to the merchant after making your purchase. 

Remember that the exact amount you paid for the purchase is what will be deducted from your visa card balance. Also, try as much as possible to always keep track of your available balance because the merchants will be unable to tell you what is left in your card balance.

Can I include a message on my visa gift card?

Yes! You can include a message on your visa gift card. There are personalized messages that can be attached to your visa gift card. You will see a list of them when you are making a purchase. 

Can I cancel my visa card online order?

No, you cannot cancel your visa card online order. Once it is submitted, it cannot be canceled.

Can I create a PIN for my visa gift card?

Of course, you can create a pin for your visa gift card. Although this will be done on the gift card website. 

Just log in to the website and click on “my settings”, then click on ” my pin” and you set your pin. There’s also another way to do this, which is by dialing the number on the sticker when you’re activating your card. There are no charges incurred for using this method.

Can I use my visa gift card online?

Yes! You can use your Visa gift card online. However, you must first activate and register it before making purchases.

Can I use my visa gift card to make withdrawals at the ATM or bank?

No, you cannot. Your visa gift card can only be used to make purchases, you cannot withdraw cash with it at the ATM.

Can I top up the money in my visa gift card?

No, you cannot. Once you use up the money in your gift card, it will not work anymore. You will need to buy a new gift card.

Can my visa gift card expire?

Yes, your visa gift card will expire seven years from the date it was purchased. The expiry date is usually displayed in front of the card.


These easy steps on how to use a visa gift card online have answered your question of “can you use gift cards online?” Visa gift cards can be used online or offline to make purchases alone. They can be used anywhere visa gift cards are accepted.

 Visa gift cards are very thoughtful gifts to give to your loved ones, although there are also problems that come with it, and these problems have been discussed in this article.

They are not to discourage you but to keep you in the know concerning the possible problems you will face or anticipate. If you didn’t know how you can use visa gift cards online before now, then you should have learned how to do that from this article. 


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