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WordPress is currently the most downloaded CMS worldwide, because its script enables beautiful styles and layouts, and also provides access to create design opportunities for websites.

By using WordPress, you can customize, design, and develop any website you want; you can create product purchase forms, build static to dynamic websites, and collect data form through the power of WordPress.

WordPress website receives monthly visitors of over 400+ million people; it currently has over 65+ million installs and counting, and over 600 websites are built daily on WordPress.

Building a WordPress website from the scratch can be very interesting, as this guide is for beginners who don’t have any coding experience on how to build a WordPress website.

Continue reading this article to the end, to learn how to create a single WordPress website from scratch. If you are thinking of building a WordPress website very soon, congratulations! We will discuss the interface and the outer layer features available. In addition, we will also discuss the best hosting platform you should build your WordPress website as a beginner.

In the world today, there are over hundreds of hosting and domain service providers located in different parts of the world with different data centers. In addition, all the hosting services are accessible to all the countries worldwide. Note that you can access hosting services from anywhere around the world, and also gain access to potential hosting infrastructures whenever you choose to build and host your website on the internet.

How to get started

Before getting started, the first thing to do is purchase a web hosting where you can store your data and files on the host server.

After buying your web hosting, the second step is to install a WordPress content management system that helps you gain access to your backend, and also enables you to customize your WordPress website to suit the taste of your dream business.

I have bought hosting; I want to get started.

If you have bought hosting, Congratulations! You just completed the first step; but before proceeding, there are three basic steps to follow for you to install your WordPress website before getting started; we recommend using any of the following steps to install WordPress:

1. Use Softaculos App Installer

2. Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) such as; Filezilla to install WordPress CMS

3.  If you bought the managed WordPress hosting, you can directly Install it from your hosting.


Softaculous allows you to install different types of content management systems (CMS), as it is an auto app installer. The script is located in the administrative area of your web hosting provider, and you can as well find it on the official website of softaculous. In my next post, I will share how to use the softaculous app installer.

Manage WordPress

Manage WordPress hosting give you access to install WordPress script from the hosting platform, without the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Softaculous App installer. It’s also the simplest method of installing WordPress (CMS) because you only need to follow the instructions provided by a lookup wizard to activate and get your site up and running.

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol enables you to transfer your files to your online server from your local machine. In other words, after you have finished building your website offline and you want to host it online, you can move your files and make it have an online presence with the power of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

 I have installed my WordPress website, what should I do?

I must congratulate you for installing your WordPress website, and the next step is to customize your WordPress website to your taste, depending on how you want it to look. I recommend you customize it the way that suits your brand, as it also has a way of making your site look more appealing to your visitors. In addition, you can use a readymade WordPress theme to achieve this step.

What theme should I use for my WordPress website?

WordPress themes are categorized into paid and free versions, and there are lots of WordPress themes online which you can use to customize your website. Theme selection is a very vital aspect that could either make you a failure or successful online, as there are both good and bad themes out there.

You can always look out for good themes to use. How do I choose the right WordPress theme? Ensure to look for the best theme out there, reach out for responsive and simplest themes with easy navigation and good design. Try to concentrate more on dynamic themes and avoid static themes, also avoid themes with too much JavaScript and flashy images in other to prevent overload time.

Basic Features on the WordPress Dashboard

There are basic features on the WordPress dashboard you need to get familiar with for you to understand how it works:

Dashboard: The WordPress dashboard helps you to see all the tools available on the dashboard interface, from the home screen; you can easily view the number of comments, posts, and pages you have whenever you access your WordPress dashboard. You can also draft quick articles that could be published at a scheduled date or time.

You can also see the summary of the plugins installed, and page options displayed at your view in this section.

Post: The post section give you access to draft and publish an article. From the post option, you can see the post categories and tags, you can also find all scheduled and pending articles on this section, and you can also trash a drafted article with a single click.

Media: The media section is where you can locate all the uploaded media files on your website, either from the frontend or backend of the website. Media files may include IMAGES, WORD, PDF, VIDEOS, EXE, and others.

Pages: The page section is where you can easily create all your static pages such as; About Us, Contact US, Privacy Policy, and other static pages as the case may be.

Comment: In the comment section, you will be able to see all the comments that have been made on your website, draft, spam, pending, and approved comments are also in this section. However, you can also choose whether to disapprove, approve or spam comments.

Appearance: With the use of appearance, you can add widgets, upload themes, customize the menu, and also use the code editor segment to edit your WordPress site. In addition, this section will also enable you to design and customize your site to make it look how you want.

Note that all WordPress themes come with a default setting and customization. In other words, their settings are unique; as what you may see in one, maybe different from another. For you to become a websmaster guru, and boost your chances of becoming the best among other competitors, you can also learn from any of the best 5 website design schools online

Users: In this section, you (admin) can edit or create a member’s details, delete members and also assign roles to members.

Tools: The tool section will enable you to backup your content to an external drive in other to upload it at any time; it also allows you to import content into your WordPress site.

Settings: With this feature, you can do some basic settings on your WordPress dashboard. The settings enable you to carry out some tasks like setting your reading, permalinks, and other important WordPress settings.

If you think you have to be a programmer or coder before you can create or develop a website; let me tell you, you don’t need all that before you can create a WordPress website. Most website owners that use WordPress, do not have any programming or coding experience. However, they have a good website that suits their brand.

Therefore, without any programming or coding skill, you can own a WordPress website that you can manage. If you want to get yourself a user-friendly and responsive WordPress website, all you have to do is ensure you follow the highlighted steps above.


WordPress is a great platform to get started with establishing a great website, if you are an expert or a novice, you can design a dynamic webs page with the help of the WordPress Content Management System. In addition, the most website found on the internet, especially those found on the first page of Search Engine are developed with WordPress; whereby you can easily configure or manipulate the CMS because it provides avenues to reliability and extensibility.

You can do it beyond your imagination if you use the WP Content Management System, alongside plugins and good WP themes from the theme store market.

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